Anyone who owns, manages or operates a company building today deals with important issues relating to safety, while the protection of human lives and property is the primary goal. In addition, safety claims are increasing, requirements of insurers must be observed as well as laws and regulations. So that you are always ready for operation, we plan the right solution together with you. From access management, visitor management, alerting, public address system, time and attendance, documentation to operations communication.

Access Management – Conex™ Access

Conex™ Access combines access control, time and attendance, video surveillance and visitor management intuitive in one software.

  • One key for everything
  • Intuitive – just what you need right now
  • In compliance with legal requirements
  • Central administration and monitoring

Time and Attendance – Conex™ Time

Increase the productivity of your company by precisely and easily recording the presence of your employees.
Conex™ Time is available as a web application, smartphone app and terminal.

  • Operation time acquisition
  • Operating data acquisition
  • ERP-Integration
  • Payroll accounting system
  • Evaluations

Operations Communication – Conex™ Dispatch

The dispatcher, as the central coordinator, communicates with all task forces, such as plant fire brigade and executing agencies, keeping track of all actions.

  • TETRA and DMR communication
  • Support of many operating modes
  • Individual role management
  • Instant recall and workstation recording
  • Centralized management
  • Address book management
  • GIS integration
  • Video integration
  • Mobile Dispatcher

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