Company Profile

Voxtronic develops secure communication products and solutions for enterprises with high security requirements and organizations with critical infrastructure for public safety, public transport and industry by using the latest technologies.

Voxtronic automates communication processes and provides

  • Conference and Public Address systems (PA systems)
  • Gateways for special applications
  • Solutions for secure documentation of communication processes
  • Systems for reliable alerting and information
  • Dispatching solutions for safety-critical applications


Our products and solutions increase the security of critical information, reduce the complexity of operations, improve the quality of business processes, and expand application capabilities.

Voxtronic has experience in realtime applications with large data volume, professional interface design and integrated systems. The company is certified according to quality, environmental and security standards (ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001) as well as a member of the DMR Association.

As originally Austrian company Voxtronic is now represented in several major European countries and offers its products internationally. The headquarters is located in Vienna.