Conex™ Time – Time and Attendance

Increase the productivity of your company by precisely and easily recording the presence of your employees.
Conex™ Time is available as a web application, smartphone app and terminal.

Flexible time and attendance with method

Each company is obliged to comply with the current Working Time Act and to keep lawful working time records for the employees.

In addition, for operational reasons there is a need for access control in the sense of proof of presence.

  • Operation time acquisition
  • Operating data acquisition
  • ERP-Integration
  • Payroll accounting system
  • Evaluations

Conex™ Time Web

The user-friendly web application is supported by every HTML5 capable web browser.
The tutorial video shows the Operation Time Acquisition and the Operating Data Acquisition.

Conex™ Time App

The smartphone app enables field representatives to benefit from Conex™ Time.

Multifunctional terminal

Operate™ Terminal was specially developed for the requirements of modern operation time acquisitiong, whose users place high demands on a flexible and elegant design.

  • Touchscreen
  • Coming
  • Leaving
  • Coming or leaving with a reason
  • Balance list
  • Company logo
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • POE

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