Conex™ Voxlog® – Documentation of communication processes

Conex™ Voxlog® documents incoming emergency calls, missions, incidents and communication processes to preserve evidence, to prove compliance with legal regulations, clarifying communication content and ensuring quality. 

As a modern recording and documentation system meets all the requirements in control centers, communication centers, vehicles and emergency services and is the ideal solution for:

  • Police, Fire and Life Brigade
  • Homeland Security
  • Railway
  • Air Traffic Management
  • Industrial Communication
  • Finance (MiFiD II compliant)
  • Healthcare

Record any data

With Conex™ Voxlog®, all application-relevant data, including location information from any source, is reliably and legally documented.

  • Video and voice documentation (camera, radio, telephony)
  • Recording screen content (screenshot, video clip)
  • Location data
  • Social Media and chat protocols
  • Recording on demand – Automatic and manual recording control
  • Voxmemory™ – Secure caching for subsequent and complete recording
  • Manual Upload

Extensive analysis options

Conex™ Voxlog® support during the evaluation of recorded data and shortens the decision-making process in case of damages.

  • Evaluation and interpretation of data and telegrams (FSK, SELECT5, TETRA, GSM-R, DMR and geodata)
  • Voxflow™ management with index support for linking additional data with recordings
  • Pending Call Replay (PCR)
  • Live Monitoring (listen in, open listening)
  • Search and filter with configurable automatic prefilter
  • Logging and reporting
  • Speaker identification

Various security mechanisms

Conex™ Voxlog® protects and secures your data reliably.

  • Automatic synchronization with the operation center
  • Data export for offline processing and data backup
  • Encryption of the recordings
  • Access protection also for data export
  • Tamper-proof

User friendly

The user interface seamlessly integrates applications such as Conex™ Voxlog®, Conex™ Dispatch, etc.

  • HTML5 Player – No additional Plugins needed
  • Simultaneous playback of multiple recordings
  • Playback of recordings in ongoing conversations and conferences (threatening calls)
  • Individually customizable user interface
  • Multiple-Eye-Principle
  • Incident Management
  • Free Seating

Interfaces and standards

The solution-oriented system architecture of Conex™ Voxlog® enables individual adaptation to any communication infrastructure and supports various standards such as:

  • VoIP, SIP, SIPREC, ED137, H323
  • AZF, Analog Radio, Trunked Radio, Local Battery, Tunnel Emergency Call
  • Intercom and Public Address System (PAS)
  • Control Centers, Alerting Systems, PABX

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