Conex™ – Platform for mission critical communication

Conex™ is the common platform for all communication processes in the field of public safety, public transport and industry.

Communication platform Conex™

  • Communication – Conex™ Dispatch is a communication system and connects different networks in one user friendly interface.
  • Recording and documentation – Conex™ Voxlog® documents communication processes.
  • Analysis – Speaker identification, communication relationships, image and video evaluation.
  • Gateways – Integration of networks and existing components.
  • Network security – Conex™ offers delay-free encryption for critical infrastructures as well as a Session Border Controller (Conex™ SBC) for the protection of communication networks.
  • Management and Monitoring – Conex™ TCMS is a central management system. It is used to monitor and manage all Voxtronic products and other SNMP-compatible devices.
  • Access control – Conex™ Access combines access control, time and attendance, video surveillance and visitor management.
  • Service – A comprehensive range of services assures reliable operation.

Conex™ Applications

Scalable and fail-safe

Thanks to its robust and flexible design, Conex™ is just as suitable for individual locations as it is for nationwide high-availability solutions with connection to regional control centers and can be expanded at any time. The intelligent redundancy concept enables maximized availability.

  • Redundancy – Redundancies can be implemented at every system level (Cluster / Geo-Redundancy, On-Site – Redundancy, Redundant units and components, Data redundancy).
  • Scalable – Expansion through additional resources and performance features. The size and topology of the systems are logically not limited.
  • Autonomous and decentralized – Central and decentralized system concepts as well as autonomous individual systems and cloud solutions can be implemented.

Web-based user interface

The intuitive user interface offers uniform and clear operation, does not require installation and supports all modern browsers.

  • Dashboard visualization – Complex information can be presented in a personalized and clear manner at a glance. The dashboard enables operating status, network performance, response time and processing time, events and incidents to be monitored and optimized.
  • Incident management – Incoming emergency calls, incidents and communication processes are documented as evidence of compliance with legal regulations and to clarify communication content. The operation processes are handled in specified steps depending on the type of incident.
  • Situation map (GIS) – Using the map viewer, users can access live or recorded information, or see where an event occurred.
  • Workflow management – Supports the user in handling operational processes. These can be defined individually. If an event is recognized, for example, the necessary resources are automatically alerted.
  • Integration of third-party systems – Conex™ API enables integration via standardized interfaces.

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