Join™ VLC – Analog- and (Ro)IP-Gateway

Join™ VLC is a gateway for integrating analog sources into a modern IP infrastructure. Join™ VLC provides a range of interfaces for different devices. Data streams can be recorded and special features processed.

Use in different environments

Join™ VLC is made for use in a wide variety of environments. This is achieved by different designs and a decentralized system concept. The components are robust and ideally suited for professional use.

  • 19″ technology
  • Redundancy / Reliability
  • Hotswap
  • Maintenance free
  • Decentralized

Key features

Central user friendly management, cost savings through energy efficiency and integration of existing infrastructure into modern IP networks.

  • Integrated recording and documentation
  • Supports various operating modes
  • Fullband, Wideband
  • Modern codecs
  • Central management
  • Operation monitoring
  • Monitoring of energy efficiency
  • Expandable

Supported operating modes

Different interfaces allow integration of technologies such as:

  • ED137
  • Telephony
  • Local Battery
  • Tunnel Emergency Call
  • Analog Radio
  • Analog Train Radio
  • Trunked Radio
  • Digital Radio (TETRA, POCSAC, EDACS)
  • Intercom
  • Public Address System (PAS)
  • Additional functions such as: DTMF, FSK, SELECT5

Fullband, wideband, modern codecs and recording

The connection of analog devices can be 2- or 4-wire. The processing of the signals from 50-20 kHz allows the support of fullband and wideband.

Different codecs are supported through IP (e.g. OPUS, G.711, G.729 …). This allows integration into any infrastructure.

Audio, video and data are documented in compliance with legal requirements. The data can be stored locally or in the network and exported with or without encryption.