Urban Mobility

More passengers, strong relevance in conurbations, high expectations of customers, threat scenarios are changing, failures are not accepted. Urban mobility is growing, becoming more complex and demanding. This makes it all the more important to ensure the safe and reliable operation of trams, buses and metro trains, modern infrastructure and cooperation with emergency services. In order to meet these requirements, our individual solutions guarantee that the observation and identification of persons and passenger flows, real-time monitoring and complete documentation are guaranteed flawlessly even in rush hours. Especially in an emergency, our application for operations control center helps to keep track and to initiate all relevant actions immediately.

Incident Documentation – Conex™ Voxlog®

Conex™ Voxlog® a video and voice documentation system. Telecommunication processes relevant for safety are documented reliably, put into archives and provided usable for court of law. Emergency calls, incidents and communication processes in the operation control center to the proof of the observance of legal regulations, to the purification of communication contents as well as to the quality assurance are documented to the reconstruction.

  • Video documentation and Voice documentation (camera, GSM-R, radio, telephony)
  • Recording screen contents (Screenshot, video clip)
  • Recording on Demand automatic and manual recording control
  • Voxmemory™ sure intermediate storage for the additional and entire recording

Operations Communication – Conex™ Dispatch

The dispatcher, as the central coordinator, communicates with all task forces and executing agencies, keeping track of all actions.

  • GSM-R, TETRA and DMR communication
  • Support of many operating modes
  • Individual role management
  • Instant recall and workstation recording
  • Centralized management
  • Address book management
  • GIS integration
  • Video integration
  • Mobile Dispatcher

Digitalization – Join™ VLC

Join™ VLC is a infrastructure gateway for the integration of any analogue interface into an IP or VoIP network. It provides features that allow unrestricted operation of different analog terminals and communication systems over an IP network.

  • Various redundancy concepts
  • Operation with or without server infrastructure
  • Centralized as well as decentralized solution conception
  • Robust construction
  • Various designs
  • Different operating modes
  • Digital inputs and contactors
  • Integrated serial interfaces
  • Reliable and legal documentation

More Information

Communication Platform

Conex™ Platform

Incident Documentation

Conex™ Voxlog®

Operations Communication

Conex™ Dispatch


Join™ VLC

Reference Customer

The ÖBB-Infrastruktur develops, maintains and operates rail infrastructure and ensures punctuality, security, cleanliness and open access to the rail system. The ÖBB-Infrastruktur has been equipped with Conex™ Voxlog®, Conex™ Dispatch and Join™ VLC.

Reference Customer

AKN Eisenbahn GmbH operates railway lines, commuter trains and freight trains in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein since 1883. AKN Eisenbahn GmbH has been equipped with Incident Documentation – Conex™ Voxlog®.

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