Conex™ SBC – Session Border Controller

Compared to conventional SBCs, Conex™ SBC offers you the implementation of individual requirements as well as central monitoring, management and software updates using Conex™ TCMS.

  • High availability through cluster solution for voice communication (telephony) and voice recording
  • Voice recording of SIP endpoints of any VoIP PBX
  • Easy expansion of the SIP endpoints to be recorded
  • Reduction in the administrative workload through full integration in Conex™ TCMS
  • Protocol conversion
  • Virtualizable Linux operating system


Secure network separation and intelligent routing of highly available critical communication networks.

Protection against Denial-of-Service attacks (DoS) and Distributed DoS (DDoS), protection against fraud and service theft. Media and signal encryption to ensure confidentiality and prevent identity theft.

Conex™ SBC enforces Call Admission Control (CAC) guidelines and Type of Service (ToS) labeling.

Flexible and customized

Conex™ SBC enables interoperability between different protocols and codecs. Normalization of SIP headers and SIP messages (Session Initiation Protocol) to reduce incompatibilities as well as protocol conversion of the Transport Layer Protocol UDP to TCP or vice versa.

Court usable recording of communication at the border to third-party networks. This can be done passively via a span port or actively using the SIPREC protocol.

High availability

Conex™ SBC with its Linux operating system can also be used geo-redundantly in an SBC cluster and forwards sessions via network interfaces to ensure high availability.

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