Our company policy

Voxtronic is a leading international enterprise in the area of safety critical information and communication technologies solutions. We are committed to the observance of relevant laws in our everyday life.


Our goal is a lasting, controlled value increase of the enterprise. Furthermore, we aim to grow and continuously improve our efficiency. We strive to be the best in our market’s core business.

Customer orientation

We define ourselves as an enterprise that supports its customers by being a responsible partner that provides high development performance. We offer our customers products and services that are catered to their needs. We are creative, engaged and adaptable.


Quality consciousness is the basis of our operational proceedings. Our high standards of quality support the continuous enhancement of our enterprise’s performance. We develop innovative, high-tech products and solutions in the telecommunications sector. We set new standards by constantly rolling out new performance features based on the newest technology. We aim to continuously improve compared to the market and the competition.


Our organization is carried by our responsible employees. The cooperation amongst the departments occurs independently and goal-oriented. Our processes enable flexible and market-driven work. We are a reliable and independent private enterprise, and our corporate activities are targeted towards growth. We optimize the risk balance by searching for well-balanced customers, suppliers and product portfolios.

Management and employees

We see ourselves as team, united by social awareness. With our well-trained staff we promote independent work, loyalty, reliability and motivation. Furthermore, we are committed to continuous improvement of our management systems.


Our products are in accordance with legal regulations and the current standards of environmental technology. In our sphere of influence, we promote environmental awareness amongst our employees as well as a moderate use of resources through ecologically-conscious purchasing. Furthermore, we avoid unnecessary resource consumption.

Working security & health protection

For us, a trained, instructed staff is important. Therefore, we promote awareness amongst our employees to take responsibility and follow precautions for industrial safety. Modern work equipment and work materials are used. Where necessary, appropriate protective measures are implemented and regular safety-related checks are carried out. Identified defects are immediately repaired.

Social responsibility

The management sees it as their duty to consider ethical principles in all their actions. The enterprise treats their employees equally regardless of their age, gender, religion and nationality. Values of the organization are honesty, loyalty and reliability. Other principles are: Accountability, transparency, esteem of the interests of claim groups, respect for the rule of law and international practices and standards, as well as human rights.

General public and security of information

We show transparency in our information policy by regularly informing employees, customers and partners about our aims and activities. The security of information and data protection is an essential condition to guarantee the security of commercial processes. The protection of know-how belonging to our enterprise and the protection of personal data is an essential component of our company policy.