Conex™ TCMS – Technical Control & Monitoring System

Conex™ TCMS is a central management system. It is used for monitoring and administration of all Voxtronic products as well as other SNMP-compliant devices.
Individual reports enable intelligent and planned administration of single and distributed communication systems.


Conex™ TCMS is web-based. The intuitive interface requires no installation and works with all recent browsers.

  • Update management – Software, firmware and operating systems
  • Performance management – Monitoring and optimization of performance parameters
  • Alarm management – Acoustic and visual signaling as well as e-mail, SNMP trap, SMS etc.
  • Configuration of all components through a common user interface
  • Backup und restore – Software, configuration and data
  • User and group administration also via LDAP integration


The use of up-to-date protocols allows secure transmission of information between individual components and Conex™ TCMS.

  • Monitoring – Overview, operating status and logging of all monitored components
  • Statistics and reporting – Detailed statistics and reports as well as data export about calls, technical parameters, etc.
  • Dashboard – Customized views

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