Our solutions are optimized according to your needs and requirements in order to support you efficiently in your activities. This already starts with the installation of your new solution. The highest priority of the installation for us is that it does not interrupt your everyday business. Our specialists implement your solution and are responsible for both maintenance and support. This ensures that our technicians are familiar with your solution to provide you with the best support in future concerns.

Initial installation

Voxtronic will coordinate the installation in advance with you or advise you on how to optimize the implementation in order to avoid business interruption.

Of course, our specialists also support you during the installation phase, during acceptance as well as during the ongoing operation of your new Voxtronic solution.

Extensions – Changes

Expansion, relocation, organizational change and restructuring of a company are normal and generally associated with costly changes and a lot of working time. However, our solutions are well-equipped to adapt to your needs fast, easy and simple.

Voxtronic solutions are easy to extend, modular and redundant.