Access Management – Conex™ Access

Conex™ Access combines access control, time and attendance, video surveillance and visitor management intuitive in one software.

  • One key for everything
  • Intuitive – just what you need right now
  • In compliance with legal requirements
  • Central administration and monitoring

Access, time & attendance and visitor management

Regardless of the size of the company, only authorized persons may enter certain rooms. At the same time, visitors should receive easy and comfortable access.

Your key not only opens the door for you, but also serves as a digital time card, for switching the alarm system on or off, as an employee card or as payment for the coffee machine.
It does not matter if the key is a card, their mobile phone, a biometric feature, RFID or the license plate of your car.

  • Visitor management
  • Recording of working hours for employees and externals
  • Online and offline administration of locking´s
  • Biometrics reading systems
  • Digital locking systems
  • Mechatronic systems

Conex™ Time – Time and Attendance

Conex™ Time is available as a web application, smartphone app and terminal.
Integration options for electronic logbook or production data acquisition are included.

Video surveillance

Conex™ Access protects operating systems and security areas by automated recording and documentation of adverse events in real time. Movements of people and cargo are constantly analyzed with regard to direction and frequency.

  • Documentation of voice, video and data
  • Live streaming
  • Monitoring of loading zones
  • Perimeter protection
  • Motion detection
  • Counting
  • Heatmap

Incident management

Conex™ supports the dispatchers to record and process incidents that occur on a daily basis. The work processes are processed according to the nature of the incident in predetermined steps.

  • Role management
  • GIS, Geographic Information System
  • Data export for offline processing
  • Access protection for exported data

Central administration and monitoring

Centralized administration of all Voxtronic products as well as SNMP-compatible devices. Individual reports enable intelligent and planned management of individual and distributed communication systems.

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