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voxlog® professional

Recording & documentation of communication processes

voxlog® professional documents incoming emergency calls, missions, incidents and communication processes for preservation of evidence, legal compliance, clarification of communication content as well as quality assurance.

voxlog® professional fulfills all requirements for a modern recording and documentation system for communication processes in control centers, communication centers, vehicles and amergency forces.

Join® VLC

Analog- and (Ro)IP-Gateway

Join™ VLC is a gateway for integrating analog sources into a modern IP infrastructure. Join™ VLC provides a range of interfaces for different devices. Data streams can be recorded and special features processed.

Central user friendly management, cost savings through energy efficiency and integration of existing infrastructure into modern IP networks. Integrated recording and documentation of communication processes. Excellent audio quality by using state-of-the-art codecs.

Conex™ Dispatch

Operator position for operative communication

Conex™ Dispatch enables easy and safe operation of all communication equipment even in stressful situations.

The dispatcher, as the central coordinator, communicates with all task forces and executing agencies, keeping track of all actions.

The user friendly interface of Conex™ Dispatch supports fast, reliable, and cross-technology communication with relevant employees and emergency forces.

Conex™ Mobile

Mobile recording solution and control center

Conex™ Mobile provides a modern and mobile operation documentation. This enables a fast, clear and simple recording of all relevant data and communication processes. The solution enables seamless integration with traditional and modern technologies.

Conex™ Mobile provides a mobile control center that enables easy and fast communication and intelligent decision-making in safety related operations. The solution integrates radio technologies such as TETRA, GSM, analogue radio and much more.

Conex™ Access

Access control, video surveillance, time track and visitor management

Conex™ Access combines access control, time tracking, video surveillance and visitor management intuitive in one software.

Regardless of the size of the company, only authorized persons may enter certain rooms. At the same time, visitors should receive easy and comfortable access.

A simple installation without mechanical changes in the door allows the use in all conceivable premises or rental properties.