Success Story – Landessicherheitszentrale Burgenland

The Landessicherheitszentrale Burgenland is the central integrated control center of the emergency organisation in Burgenland. It provides the emergency medical service (emergency call 144) and Burgenland fire brigades (emergency call 122). The population is also informed about the doctors and pharmacists stand-by duty by the number 141 and it´s the single contact point for disasters (emergency call 130 – safety center).

“Technical systems, such as voice documentation, serve on one hand comfort and on other hand quality of service. Our employees appreciate the protection against unjustified allegations.”

Customer quote from DI Adorjan Walter, Head of Control Center Rescue Service

The essentials in brief

  • Three redundant locations.
  • A unified system for different interface types.
  • Simple operation through integration into the operator interface of the control center.
  • Redundancy of records and data.
  • Georedundant


Integration of a consistent and permanent voice documentation (recording of voice and metadata) in 3 loca-tions with a total number of 27 workstations.
The Landessicherheitszentrale (LSZ) in Eisenstadt is the main location. In case of extreme events (disasters, large-scale emergencies), the LFV site is the first emergency authority.
The third location in Oberwart (LSSOW) is the last emergency authority in case LSZ and LFV sites are no longer operational due to an extreme event.
Connection of different types of interfaces. Redundant recording of signal sources.
Integration into the control system (ELS) to enable direct playback of calls.
Embedding and operating of the short-term documentation into the user interface of the dispatcher via touch-screen.


Due to the flexible design, the extensive and versatile connection possibilities of voxlog® professional, the project could be implemented in the interest of the customer.
All three sites are built redundant and ensure access to a joint replicated database.
The main challenge was to implement a voice documentation with many different interfaces at these three redundant locations.

These include connections to digital radio (TETRA), analogue radio (4m and 2m), ISDN, as well as digital and VoIP telephone sets from Alcatel-Lucent.
A connection via CSTA to an Alcatel-Lucent PBX and a link to the control system of the company Swissphone complement the solution.
The recording of microphone and loudspeaker of all dispatcher workstations through a VoIP gateway of the company Selkom ensures an additional redundancy.
Data backup is performed by voxlog® professional as well as on the customer-oriented SAN (Storage Area Network).

Thanks to the user-friendly integration of the short-term documentation “Instant Recall” into the user interface of the control center, a fast and efficient operation by the dispatcher is guaranteed. Individual playback of the recordings can be carried out either via the PC loudspeaker or the VoIP telephone.
In case of a system warning, a visual signalling, as well as an automatically generated e-mail and an automatic telephone call to the supervisor will be performed.

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