Voice Communication Control System – Conex™ VCCS

Conex™ VCCS offers a completely integrated system VCCS and allows “air to ground” as well as a “ground to ground” communication to the air traffic controllers.

Conex™ VCCS is an IP based communication solution for Air Traffic Management (ATM). It connects radio and public telephone network with the air Traffic controller.

  • IP based
  • ED137 correspondent

Radio integration

Conex™ VCCS can be used for customary VHF and UHF based radio systems, as well as for modern ED137 EUROCAE correspondent radio systems.

  • ED137 EUROCAE correspondent
  • Best Signal Selection
  • Automatic the Main / Standby operation
  • Scalable on demand

Video and Voice documentation

Conex™ VCCS integrates a video and voice documentation system of which telecommunication processes relevant for safety reliably documented, puts into archives and court-usably provides. Detailed emergency calls, incidents and communication expiries of the air traffic control to the proof of the observance of legal regulations, to the purification of communication contents as well as to the support of the flight accident commission (Aviation Safety Network) are documented.

  • Video documentation and voice documentation (camera, radio, telephony)
  • Recording screen contents (Screenshot, video clip)
  • Listen live to monitoring (sound hearing, live streaming)
  • Searching and filters with configurable automatic prefilters

Integrated Remote Control and management system

The Conex™ platform comes with an integrated Remote Control and Management System (RCMS) and enables all Voxtronic products as well as SNMP capable devices to manage from a distance. Individual reports allow intelligent and in advance planned management of single systems and distributed communication systems.

  • Automatic updates
  • Central configuration
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Individual report
  • Integrated SNMP

Flexible and scalable

By the flexible design Conex™ VCCS is suitable for smaller Tower as well as for international airports. On this occasion, Conex™ VCCS the most different redundancy supports draughts also for connected systems.

  • N+M redundancy
  • Redundant radio systems
  • Scalable on demand

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