Intelligent Border Surveillance – Conex™ BorderSecure

Conex™ BorderSecure offers a completely integrated border surveillance which a tactical communication between the head of operations and the protection of the borders staff allow. For a later analysis insertion-critical information is made available in tactical operations and documentations.

Conex™ BorderSecure offers a user-friendly IP-been based communication solution for border surveillance and similar surveillance scenarios. The solution integrates border patrols, from the easy patrol up to the insertion leading control center of a national group, into consisting communication structures. Conex™ BorderSecure offers a quick, sure and reliable use of emergency situations.

  • Tactical communication
  • Data analysis
  • Automatic decision-making
  • Alarming

Alarm and automatic decision management

To guarantee easy and quick expiries, Conex™ BorderSecure an integrated and automated decisive management offers for the most different events. This enables to the head of operations to sketch individual expiries for special scenarios. As an example, the responsible people are switched with a menace recognition in a conference agreed with high priority to co-ordinate the interaction and the insertion more efficiently. In addition, insertion codes are transmitted as voice communications or text communications to the border patrols to allow a quicker communication process.

  • Integrated communication protocol
  • Roll management
  • Alarm scenarios
  • Optimised flow of information
  • Insertion planning with scenario Management

Integrated GIS with Conex™ SituationCenter

Conex™ SituationCenter offers a place-related overview in the running operation around to the user a quick decision-making to allow

  • Overview
  • Individually configurable
  • Region- and Geofencing
  • Location history (additional evaluating and returning)
  • Support of the most different springs
  • Position recognition

Video and Voice documentation

Conex™ SituationCenter integrates a video and voice documentation system. Telecommunication processes relevant for safety are reliably documented, put into archives and provided usable for court of law. Detailed emergency calls, operations, incidents and communication processes are documented in control centers for the assessment by threat scenarios, to the proof of the observance of legal regulations, to the purification of communication contents as well as to the quality assurance.

  • Video documentation and voice documentation (camera, radio, telephony)
  • Recording screen contents (Screenshot, video clip)
  • Listen live to monitoring (sound hearing, live streaming)
  • Searching and filters with configurable automatic prefilters

Integrated Remote Control and Management System

The Conex™ platform comes with an integrated Remote Control and management system (RCMS) and enables all Voxtronic products as well as SNMP capable devices to manage from a distance. Individual reports allow intelligent and in advance planned management of single systems and distributed communication systems.

  • Automatic updates
  • Central configuration
  • Integrated monitoring
  • Individual report

Flexible and scalable

By the flexible design Conex™ SituationCenter is suitable for mobile insertions just as for national solutions with feed orifice to single or distributed insertion leading control centers. The most different redundancy draughts are transformable with Conex™ SituationCenter.

  • N+M redundancy
  • Scalable on demand