Command Vehicle – Conex™ Mobile

Conex™ Mobile offers a mobile control center which allows an easy and quick communication and intelligent decision-making with insertions relevant for safety. The solution integrates radio technologies like TETRA, GSM, analog radio etc.

Conex™ Mobile offers you a user-friendly and IP-been based communication solution for emergency vehicles of the police, fire brigade, rescue as well as special forces. This solution transforms her vehicle into a highly available and modern, mobile insertion leading control center which with other leading control centers can be synchronized.


Mobile solution for robust operation

Conex™ Mobile uses a hardware platform especially for the insertion in the vehicle was developed.

  • Continuous operation 24/7
  • Noise free
  • Maintenance free
  • Resistant to shock
  • Automatic start by vehicle ignition

Mobile dispatcher

Conex™ Dispatch is also available as an app and can be used on any Android-enabled smartphone. This increases your flexibility and accessibility. The app allows you a mobile use that can be designed entirely according to your needs.

  • Emergency calls
  • Group calls
  • PTT function for group calls and radios
  • Chat with dispatchers
  • Access to central contacts
  • Display of geodata

Operator position

Conex™ Dispatch allows this control of the most different technologies, e.g., radio, GSM, … and shows to the operator an efficient possibility of the operation coordination. This improves the reaction and raised the safety of the operation forces. That information thereby stands ready which for the protection of own safety are needed.

  • Integrated communication protocol
  • Roll management
  • Alarm scenarios
  • Optimized flow of information
  • Operation planning with scenario Management

Operation documentation

Conex™ Mobile integrates a recording solution in the newest technology IP and is used to the documentation with emergency calls, insertions and incidents as well as a quality assurance in mobile leading control centers (e.g., command vehicles). This solution transforms your vehicle into a highly available, mobile documentation system which with your stationary leading control centers can be synchronized.

Integrated GIS with Conex™ SituationCenter

Conex™ SituationCenter offers a location based overview in the running operation to provide the user profound knowledge allowing quick decision-making

  • Overview
  • Individually configurable
  • Region- and Geofencing
  • Location history (additional evaluating and returning)
  • Support of the most different springs
  • Position recognition

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