Our company policy

Voxtronic is an international enterprise taking a leading position in the area of safety critical information and communication technologies solutions aims. The observance of relevant laws is default in our every day’s life.



Our aim is a lasting, controlled value increase of the enterprise. Furthermore, we aim growth and continuous improvement of our efficiency. We strive to be the best in our market’s core business.

Market achievement

We develop innovative, high-tech products and solutions in the area of the telecommunications. We put new standards, while we steadily new achievement signs based on the most modern technologies on the market bring. We have the claim to improve compared with the market and the competition continuously.

Customer orientation

We define ourselves as an enterprise which supports our customers as a responsible partner with innovative developing achievements. We offer to our customer’s products and services, to ourselves in those needs to orient. We are creative, engaged and adaptably. We aim at high quality and at special service.


Our organization is carried by responsible employees. The cooperation of the departments occurs independently and aim-oriented. Our processes allow adaptable work close to market.


We are a dependable and independent private enterprise. Our enterprise action is aimed on growth. We search the risk balance by well-balanced customers, suppliers and product portfolios.

Management and employee

We get on as a team. Social consciousness connects us. With our well trained employees we promote independent work, loyalty, reliability and motivation.


Our products according to the legal regulations as well as current standards of environmental technology. In our sphere of influence, we promote environment-conscious being of our employees as well as a moderate contact with the resources by ecological purchase where possibly and avoidance unnecessary resource consumption.


Quality conscious is a basis in our operational expiries. Our enormous high-class claims support the constant improvement of our enterprise achievement.

Working security & health protection

For us trained, instructed staff is important – besides, we promote the consciousness of our employees concerning own responsibility for working security. Modern working means and work materials are used. Where
necessarily suitable preventive measures are moved and regular security-technical examinations are carried out. Ascertained defects are immediately repaired.

Social responsibility (Corporate Social Responsibility)

The management sees it as their duty to consider ethical principles in all their actions. The enterprise treats staff disregarded by age, gender, religion and nationality always immediately. Values of the organization are an honesty, loyalty and reliability! Other principles are: Accountability, transparency, esteem of the interests of claim groups, esteem of the rule of law and more internationally behavioral standards as well as the human rights.

Public and information

We live transparency in our information policy by regular information about our aims and activities to employee, customer and partner.

Security of information

The conversion of security of information & data protection is an essential condition to guarantee the security of the commercial processes. The protection of know-how belonging to enterprise, the personal data of our customers, employees and business partners and the enterprise politics standing with it in connection data / information before loss, unjustified access and before unauthorized use or falsification is an essential component of our enterprise politics.