Product overview

voxlog® office

voxlog® office records phone calls directly on your own computer.
Regardeless, if you are speaking with customers, order something, receive a threatening call or want to dictate something – voxlog® office helps you document and find your calls conveniently.

voxlog® professional

voxlog® meets all requirements of a modern recording and documentation system for telecommunications processes in a professional investment environment:

  • Audio-, video- and data of security-related telecommunication processes are legally compliant recorded
  • Recording of data streams takes place in the most modern IP technology
  • Recording and analysis of analogue, digital and VOIP communication as well as radio communication over analogue and digital radio systems (analogue radio, marine radio, EDACS, GSM-R, TETRA)

Voice Line Card™

Voice Line Card™ is a special Voxtronic join™ gateway to connect analog interfaces to a VoIP network:

  • Audio-, input-, output- and serial data is processed and send via modern IP technologies
  • Easily integrated into voxlog®
  • Centralized Management and Configuration

Conex™ Dispatch

Our dispatcher, VCCS and C4I solution for communication and management of different communication participants.

  • Adapted for customer need
  • Multiple conferences and participants
  • Scenario management for easy and intuitive operation during emergencies

Conex™ RCMS

Our Remote Control & Management System for controlling, configuring and surveilling multiple system units. The system can be scale in redundancy and unit count from small systems, to complex country wide solutions.

  • Easy expandable
  • Database mirroring for redundancy
  • One interface for all units and systems

Conex™ SituationCenter

Conex situation center™ offers a place-related overview in the running operation around to the user a quick decision-making to allow.

  • Region & Geofencing
  • Position recognition
  • Location history

Conex™ SBC

Conex™ SBC is a software based session Boarder controller (SBC). Like a Proxyserver a SBC is involved when a SIP phone call is established. Its task is to control the access to the internal communication network by protocol translation and normalization of the protocol SIP.

  • DDoS / DoS Attack Protection
  • Network security
  • Call routing