Product overview

voxlog® professional

Recording and documentation of communication processes.
voxlog® professional documents incoming emergency calls, missions, incidents and communication processes for evidence, to demonstrade compliance with legal requirements, for clarification of communication content as well as quality assurance. voxlog® professional fulfills all requirements for a modern recording and documentation system for communication processes in control centers, communication centers, vehicles and amergency forces.

Voice Line Card™

Join™ VLC is a Analog- and (Ro)IP-Gateway for integrating analog sources into a modern IP infrastructure. Join™ VLC provides a range of interfaces for different devices. Data streams can be recorded and special characteristics processed. Central user friendly management, cost savings through energy efficiency and integration of existing infrastructure into modern IP networks. Integrated recording and documentation of communication processes. Excellent audio quality by using state-of-the-art codecs.

Conex™ Dispatch

Operator position for operative communication. Conex™ Dispatch enables easy and safe operation of all communication equipment even in stressful situations. The dispatcher as the central coordinator, communicates with all task forces and executing agencies. So he retains the overview of all coordinated actions.

Conex™ RCMS

Our Remote Control & Management System for controlling, configuring and surveilling multiple system units. The system can be scale in redundancy and unit count from small systems, to complex country wide solutions.

  • Easy expandable
  • Database mirroring for redundancy
  • One interface for all units and systems

Conex™ SituationCenter

Conex situation center™ offers a place-related overview in the running operation around to the user a quick decision-making to allow.

  • Region & Geofencing
  • Position recognition
  • Location history

Conex™ SBC

Conex™ SBC is a software based session Boarder controller (SBC). Like a Proxyserver a SBC is involved when a SIP phone call is established. Its task is to control the access to the internal communication network by protocol translation and normalization of the protocol SIP.

  • DDoS / DoS Attack Protection
  • Network security
  • Call routing