Video and Voice Documentation

voxlog® professional a video and voice documentation system. Telecommunication processes are documented reliably, put into archives and provided usable for court of law. Finance services, consultations, communication processes and threatening phone calls with finance service providers are documented to the proof of the observance of legal regulations (e.g., Basel III), to the purification by communication contents as well as to the quality assurance.

voxlog® professional fulfils all demands for a modern recording sound documentation system of telecommunication processes in a professional equipment sphere. Audio, video and data of telecommunication processes relevant for safety are documented legal-compliant and occurs in the most topical IP technology. For the rise of the system availability and the data security a redundant recording of the recording currents as well as a geo redundant construction is possible.

Recording any data

With voxlog® professional all data of any springs are documented reliably and certainly about court.

  • Video documentation and voice documentation (camera, radio, telephony)
  • Recording screen contents (Screenshot, video clip)
  • Recording on Demand automatic and manual recording control
  • voxmemory™ sure intermediate storage for the additional and entire recording

Extensive analysis possibilities

voxlog® professional supports by the analysis of recorded data and shortens the decision-making process with commercial cases.

  • voxflow™ management with index support for the linkage of additional data with recordings
  • Hidden Coaching
  • Listen live to monitoring (sound hearing)
  • Searching and filters with configureable automatic prefilters
  • Protokollierung & Reporting
  • Speaker’s identification
  • Sprecheridentifikation

Various safety mechanisms

voxlog® professional protects and protects your data reliably.

  • Data export for offline processing and data security
  • Encoding of the recordings
  • Access protection also for exported data
  • Certainly about manipulation

User friendly

The operator’s interface integrates seamlessly applications like voxlog® professional, Operate ™ Dispatch, threatening phone call monitor etc.

  • Concurrent reproduction of several recordings
  • Reproduction of recordings in running talks and conferences (threatening phone calls)
  • Individually adaptable operating surface
  • More ocular principle
  • Incident management
  • Free Seating

Interfaces and standards

The system architecture oriented to solution from voxlog® professional allows an individual adaptation to any communication infrastructure and supports many standards like:

  • VoIP, SIP, SIPREC, H323
  • CSTA/CTI, E1 / T1, SS7, ISDN, TAPI
  • Callcenter systems, alarming systems, various PABX vendors